The main purpose of the Pacific Explorers Dive Club is to promote safe diving while having a good time. We accomplish this by having meetings with education, informative, and entertaining speakers that provide useful information to our members about travel, equipment, marine conservation, and much more. We provide opportunities to dive with scheduled beach and boat dives each month as well as an international trip every year. We have avid photographers and hunters and many that just enjoy the underwater world. We welcome the novice diver eager to learn more as well as the experienced diver looking to dive with other veteran divers.

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Single and Family Memberships

Everyone must be a certified diver to be a member and everyone must complete the “Membership Application and Liability Release” and the “Liability Release and Assumption of Risk” forms. All Family members need to complete these forms while there is only one fee that is paid for the membership. The first family member pays for the family membership and all others fill out the paperwork at no cost, this can be done with the on-line application.

If you are under 18, you need to print the blank form, fill it out, have a parent or guardian sign it and bring them and the form to a meeting.

If you have any questions, contact the Membership board member by clicking here.

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