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General Meeting – Wednesday, 02/14/2018

Meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month (except for December) at Denny’s Restaurant at corner of Topanga Canyon & Roscoe Blvd, in Canoga Park. Social time starts at 6:30pm and the general meeting at 7:00pm. See our events calendar for more information.

Speaker: Tiffany Duong

CA Drift Gillnet Fishery

I will be speaking about the CA Drift Gillnet Fishery that currently targets swordfish and is one of the worst fisheries worldwide. We’ll go through a brief history of drift gillnets, including why they are so deadly and what they kill. We will also explore alternatives to this fishing method and consequences of inaction. Finally, we’ll end with what we can do to help end this deadly fishery.

About Us

We promote safe diving while having a good time! We do this by providing monthly scheduled beach and boat dives and by having meetings with education, informative, and entertaining speakers that provide useful information to our members about travel, equipment, marine conservation, and much more. We have avid photographers, hunters and many that just enjoy the underwater world. We welcome the novice diver eager to learn more as well as the experienced diver looking to dive with other veteran divers.

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