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Next General Meeting – Wednesday, 04/12/2017

Meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month (except for December) at Denny’s Restaurant at corner of Topanga Canyon & Roscoe Blvd, in Canoga Park. Social time starts at 6:30pm and the general meeting at 7:00pm. See our events calendar for more information.

Speaker: Brent Durand

from Bluewater Photo & Bluewater Travel

Brent Durand will be back with the Pacific Explorers, this time discussing photographing marine life around the world, as well as some unique dive adventures you can join around the globe. Brent is editor of the Underwater Photography Guide and works closely with Bluewater Photo and Bluewater Travel. He leads several group dive trips per year and will be sharing photos of fascinating marine life, dive destinations and some insane dive travel discounts for the Explorers.

Reef Check & Chamber Day 2017

Check out this month’s newsletter for more information on opportunities to join the Pacific Explorers for Chamber Day & Eve 2017 and for volunteering for Reef Check.

2017 Fishing Licenses

A new 2017 fishing license and some report cards are required. If you have a 2016-2017 Lobster Report Card, it is still valid and you will not need a new one until October 2017 for the 2017-2018 season. If you will be taking ocean fish south of Pt. Conception you will also need to add the “Ocean Enhancement Stamp to your license purchase. You can purchase a new license at local sporting good stores like Big 5, Turners and Walmart. You can also purchase them online but beware that an online license purchase may take up to 15 days to receive in the mail. Online License Purchase.

 2016/17 Spiny Lobster Cards Due April 3oth

For those who are still catching lobster (season is still open) remember to return your cards by April 30th to CDFW. If you don’t you’ll pay a $20-30 fee the next time you get one. Simply make sure it’s filled out an mail it to:

Lobster Report Card
3883 Ruffin Rd
San Diego, CA 92123

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